Your web address is not only a name, but a platform that displays your commercial offerings to the consumers and prospects necessary to launch your start up or position and provide highly valued marketing options to your already successful business.

Inameonly has closely followed the evolution of internet marketing over a 10 year period.

We recognize the value a strong domain name can bring to your business and that traditional media is no match for the massive capacity of the internet to bring your commercial message to local and regional markets.

Your domain name is a unique, meaningful identifier – your private marketing space and a foundational asset for the future ongoing success of your enterprise.

The strongest and most memorable web addresses will accurately describe your business using the same Keyword phrase that a searcher would intuitively enter into a search engine to locate the goods or services desired. These are called exact search term or exact match domains. If the search query matches your website address, you are well positioned for internet success.
Search engines tend to manipulate results to provide revenue rather than display pure, organic search results, but time and experience has shown that the exact search term address continues to provide a ranking advantage over others and consumers much prefer to visit a site that displays the exact term they searched.

You can of course buy your way to the top, as search engines offer to display your website when your desired keywords (or close) are searched, but this is costly as you are charged for each click and if your domain name is not reflective of your business, the searcher may still bypass you in favour of a site more closely matching the keyword phrase they typed.
One of the options that should not be overlooked, is that a strong name provides for an equally strong email address. Consumers notice this authority, remember your email, and it promotes confidence.

We strongly advise using the .com extension for your domains. Individuals and search engines default to the .com, which may be more costly but always the best performer in our experience.

Avoid the use of hyphens and modifier words. When the direct, generic name is taken, it is tempting to add a “the” or “your” to gain access to the name, but note that it will not perform well.

Also avoid words difficult to spell or pronounce. This leads to typing and other search errors. Over time, you will waste valuable staff resources while they attempt to correct and explain the details.

Speaking of Staff, we have found that a strong, direct company domain name is a great motivator and confidence builder for employees, a circumstance that prevails even at the customer level.

A weak domain name has the opposite effect. A strong, intuitive domain sends a clear, authoritative message to the marketplace. Once purchased, your new business platform works 24/7 to display your message to a vast audience at a fraction of the ongoing cost of competing media venues.

If your ideal domain name is taken, it may be for sale on the secondary market. You can check ownership at and contact the owner. Also try entering the domain into a browser and see what comes up. Remember you are not seeking a one time investment, but an ongoing competitive advantage available only to you! Keep in mind the return on investment over time. The ongoing profit realized will easily offset the initial cost and ongoing costs are minimal.

An exact search term domain can be used in a number of ways to drive targeted traffic to your existing or main website name. Redirects, minisites, lead generation, focussed landing pages, there are many options open to the owners of exact search domains. These options then become missed opportunity by every one of your competitors!
The ownership of multiple domain names is a common strategy used by larger Corporations.

With success comes scrutiny, and seemingly huge fines and regulation of search display is pending.

It has been widely reported that the European Union Commission has laid formal charges against the most popular search engine that will likely lead to substantial fines along with some type of prohibition against search manipulation. It appears to us the unregulated “display for pay” search results of today will not continue in the current form as regulatory intervention prevails. Savvy marketers should consider how the likely outcome of this paradigm shift will affect internet display in their home markets.

  • First page of search results is the internet marketing gold standard. Although many exact search term domain names are taken and developed, opportunity still exists, but is time sensitive.
  • Click costs in competitive urban markets are simply not sustainable, and click fraud further dilutes the value of your advertising budget.
  • It is worthwhile to note that many keyword phrases describing vast market sectors currently exist with no matching websites developed. This is essentially unrecognized free search potential. The commercial value of these keyword phrase domains should not be overlooked! Even if the .com version of your domain is taken, many are held by investors in anticipation of an eventual sale to end users. Inquire and negotiate!

These are the basic concepts of domain name selection. Your business may have specialized needs beyond the scope of this article in which case, you should consult a recognized web professional.

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