Watch this space

major changes in internet search are on the horizon.

Investing in a website

that doesn’t rank is like buying a Yellow Page ad
for an area where the book doesn’t get delivered.

As your direct link

to the vast world of online commerce,
the value of a domain name cannot be overstated.

Descriptive .com domains

rank higher and get clicked.

Names mostly matter

— domain names matter most.


Over 2 500

exact search term domains.

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We are buyers and sellers of websites, domain names and mnemonic phone numbers.

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We have more than 2,500 Domain Names in over 50 local product and service sectors—Domains positioned to provide highly-targeted traffic, high organic ranking, and take full advantage of ALL direct navigation enquiries.

While the days of being able to register your exact .COM search term are long gone for most of us, we at iNameOnly recognized and invested in the potential of this powerful marketing asset.

We predicted the evolution of local search and the rising demand for the .COMs. We have amassed an extensive inventory of city, product and service names.

While Google’s search algorithms continually (and arbitrarily) evolve, the enduring power of exact search terms only deepens. And we see this trend continuing, as traditional small business media vehicles like YellowPages and newspapers continue to spiral downward.(Yellow Media shutters Canpages offices, Globe & Mail.)

Look for your keyword phrase in our extensive domain inventory.

We further believe that the regulatory challenges faced by Google will bring changes to search in general that will positively affect values of exact match domains.

One fact is abundantly clear even today……..the positive economics of owning your keyword phrase(s) are undeniable.   Search engine charges for ppc and keyword placement are…not cheap and rising!